VNSFS Projects & Operations

With operations and projects across the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) complex, Veolia Nuclear Solutions – Federal Services (VNSFS) is a leading world class player in nuclear facility clean-up and treatment of radioactive waste. VNSFS is currently supporting DOE at the Hanford, Idaho, Oak Ridge, Portsmouth and Paducah sites.

With our industry-leading technologies and waste management expertise, VNSFS provides a full suite of innovations to assist the nuclear industry with the legacy waste liability and decommissioning needs that are challenging sites throughout the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) enterprise and across commercial nuclear and Canadian nuclear facilities. 

As a U.S. government contractor, VNSFS is structured to perform at both DOE and DoD sites.  Generators of hazardous, nuclear and mixed waste need to use safe, cost-effective and technically viable technologies to reduce liability and free up valuable resources to focus on the critical missions facing the nuclear industry. That’s why VNSFS’ innovative and cost-effective solutions are so important.

Our demonstrated performance in high-risk environments includes an expanding set of waste management technologies, infrastructure services, advanced engineering and delivery of robotic/remote handling solutions. 

Our waste management and treatment technologies can be deployed in concert to tackle problematic and challenging wastes.  Our technologies focus on remotely accessing wastes, separating the challenging waste and ultimately stabilizing the waste into a disposable form.